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Miles Felstead Realty Property Management Services Miles Felstead Realty have long been prominent in property management in our area. During this time we have specialised in property management offering a comprehensive service to our many respected landlords.

There are many reasons why Miles Felstead Realty should manage your investment property. We can advise on current rentals for your property type and area and set a rental rate to give you the greatest return on your investment. We take the worry out of managing your property. Call us to find out how we can assist in managing your real estate assets.

Property Management and Investment Guide A few thoughts on purchasing and managing investment property...

Property represents a very secure, sound, long term form of wealth creation. As such, many people are turning increasingly to property investment to secure their future. A well managed investment can offer many advantages including income and capital growth. Many investors may also be able to use their investment to reduce tax payable on their assessable income. Property is also a good option as part of an investment portfolio, particularly with people who do not need immediate access to their money and wish to protect themselves against inflation over the long term. It is important, however, to be aware of the responsibilities of managing your property investment and assuring proper care and responsibility. As considerable money is at stake, you need to take the time to get good advice before you act – and remember, consideration of any investment presents wide and varied alternatives and there are always plenty of experts ready to pass on their opinion. It is wise, therefore, to always seek appropriate advice from a qualified financial advisor or your accountant.



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